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Our goal is to maximize your productivity by removing any complexities of operating a business in Mexico allowing you to focus on running your business. All operations are conducted in English. And all contracts are in English, in dollars, and under USA contract law. We make it simple for you to expand your operations globally and leverage the affordable talent base that Mexico offers. We will provide you with comprehensive services including:

  • Accounting – GAAP standard bi-weekly invoicing in dollars with all expenses clearly annotated and supported. Tracking and administration of accounts payable
  • Custom facility build – out–office space build-out to your specifications
  • Facility Management – Facility sub-Lease acquisition, maintenance and repair, Cleaning, pest control, utilities and waste disposal
  • Security – state of the art proximity ID and bio-readers, badge and employee control
  • Procurement – Supply acquisition, supplier management adb pricing
  • Import/Export – Customs and compliance
  • Client Courtesy Services – legal, banking, travel assistance, ex-patriot setup and support, visa/permanent residence assistance

At Sonora Offshore, we understand technology. Our company is rooted in technology and we use it to help you manage your business. We use the latest in cloud based computing technology and tools to provide you with instant access to the critical data you need from anywhere in the world on any mobile or platform device. You will be able to have electronic access to your customized operations data along with instant access to all invoicing reports, purchasing receipts, and contracts.


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