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Getting the skilled resources that you need quickly assigned to your project is important. We have a comprehensive pipeline of English speaking engineers, project leaders, managers, and technicians ready to apply to your project and get you started quickly. For less experienced resources, we leverage preferred contractual relationships with the local universities to pick and place the best engineering talent being produced locally. There are more than 10 state and private universities in the Obregon area and we have a “preferred” relationship with all of them.


We continuously monitor and update the school curriculums to ensure that the local schools produce the highest talent possible. And we offer teacher “sabbaticals” to help ensure that local university instructors remain current in the latest industry requirements.

For more experienced resource needs, we recruit and draw from all major/large metropolitan areas in Mexico including Hermosillo, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey and more.

We have a very comprehensive pipeline of leadership talent and can offer higher quality of life offers to those established leaders wanting to move and live in a smaller city such as Obregon. We have very high success rate in acquiring specific leadership skills for clients and placing them rapidly into their Obregon operation.

Specifically, Sonora Offshore will help you grow your operation in Mexico and provide you with the following comprehensive services:

  • Recruitment and Selection – including prescreening, testing and worker orientation.
  • Personnel Management – Employee records, Labor contracts/administration and workforce redeployment (if needed).
  • Safety Compliance and Reporting – compliance with all Mexican worker safety laws and guidelines.
  • Employee relations Management – Worker counseling and assistance, survey administration, coordination of education and worker housing.
  • Medical Services – new hire medical screening, preventive health care and education programs.
  • Payroll Management – Attendance, overtime, vacation, Mexican payroll law compliance, reporting and taxes.
  • Benefits administration – Contract administration and law compliance.
  • Training – setup and management of any client training required (e.g. English).

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